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About Thrive NeuroTheology

The more we understand how we are wired, the better we are able to function in our daily lives. This is neuroscience. This is spirituality.

This is Thrive NeuroTheology.

Thrive Core Values

“Inspire hope & nurture the wellbeing of the whole person, respecting physical, mental & spiritual needs.”

"Connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated topics for the purpose of creating unique content & solutions.”

“Increasing the hope & light-hearted potential in each person & situation.”

"Pursuing optimal physical, mental, and emotional health for the purpose of spiritual well-being."
“The promotion & value of life-long learning.”

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe

"Every day I wake up, I am both the patient and the doctor, the believer and the doubter.

Being a functional neurologist has shown me that the healing we once thought was impossible is actually possible. Neuroplasticity tells us that we are capable of change. If we understand the function of the brain, we can improve our way of life.

As a clinician, I desire nothing more than to ease the pain of those I encounter, educate the families I serve, and connect the dots between unanswered questions and solutions. After years of seeing patients improve speech, mobility, and brain function in the face of "impossible" odds, I know that we have good reason for hope.”

Meet the Team


Neurotheology is the study of the intersection between neuroscience and spirituality, and Thrive NeuroTheology specializes in creating practical applications for the purpose of fostering increased self-awareness and self-care.

The more we understand about how we are wired and and develop (the neuroscience), the better we will be able to function in our daily lives (the spirituality). This is the essence and purpose of Thrive NeuroTheology.

The NeuroTheology of Self-Care Video Course contains Twenty-One (21) different videos, totaling more than six and a half hours of life-changing content.

PART 1 Your Brain in Action
Video 1 — Bears and Deadlines: Your Primitive Brain
Video 2 — IQ and EQ: Your Whole Brain
Video 3 — So What?: Why Should We Care?
Video 4 — Human Being, Inc - Basic Brain Anatomy

PART 2 The Science of Identity & Self-Awareness
Video 1 — What is Functional Neurology?
Video 2 — The Science of Hope
Video 3 — The Four Questions & Self-Awareness
Video 4 — Identity, Community and Self-Care
Video 5 — Neurotheology and the Enneagram Part 1
Video 6 — Neurotheology and the Enneagram Part 2
Video 7 — Practical Neurotheology: The Six Basics and Spirituality

PART 3 The Science of our Everyday Lives
Video 1 — Fear and Safety
Video 2 — Mirror Neurons and Love
Video 3 — Boredom & Imagination
Video 4 — Pain and Suffering
Video 5 — Faith and Neurochemistry
Video 6 — The Two Primary Commandments
Video 7 — Dispelling Myths

PART 4 Practical Applications for Self-Care
Video 1 — The Six Basics
Video 2 — Reframe and Rebound
Video 3 — Hopeful, Grateful, Learning

Self-Care vs. Self-Help

Simply put, The NeuroTheology of Self-Care course will not only show you how your brain is made and functions, but it will also help you to apply that knowledge in your every day life. Self-care is the lifelong pursuit of becoming the healthiest version of yourself. In order to do that you need to be both informed and equipped. It is not enough to understand. You also need to have self-awareness, practical applications, and resources that will help you be your best self. The NeuroTheology of Self-Care course serves as your guide as you begin this journey into a healthier you.

Glad you asked. The short answer? Absolutely not!!

Dr. Jerome has spent twenty years as a patient and/or participant in the scientific, clinical and spiritual communities. He has taken these experiences, his training, and his education, and distilled it all into relatable and approachable conversations. This content is designed to be helpful for literally everyone. This course is for the layman simply wanting to be a healthier version of themselves to the contemplative, the seeker, the academic, the scientist or the skeptic.

This content will resonate with YOU where you are...right now. You have a mind, a body, and a soul. The NeuroTheology of Self-Care discusses each aspect of our basic human experience through conversations relating to physical, mental, and emotional health. We truly believe these are topics that matter to every human being on the planet. We believe they matter to you.

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