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2 Brothers. 1 Mic. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Order vs Balance with Pastor Carl

Pastor Carl joins Jed Taufer to talk about his two main passions: conversation and community.

Brain Bravery with Dr. Jerome

In this episode, we are going to nerd-out on neurology with Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe. As a leading functional neurologist, he is going to help us better understand what's really happening when we freak out over a deadline, client meeting, or office conflict.

Empathy in Practice: From Patient to Doctor

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe, a migraine sufferer and functional neurologist who practices in Georgia, takes the time to chat with Michelle and I about his journey from patient to doctor.

Why Your Thoughts Matter with Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe

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Fear, Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe

We are diving back into the often haunting world of fear, anxiety and depression. This is a long one friends but easily the most helpful, hopeful and informative conversation that I have ever been apart of concerning those 3 emotions. 

Functional Neurology & Faith - Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe (Episode 2)

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe is a functional neurologist and shares his findings on the brain, our chemical wirings, and how faith moves us into greater love (and the science behind this)!


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