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Dr. Jerome Lubbe

Dr. Jerome is the owner and clinician at Thrive Neuro Health in Atlanta, where he specializes in childhood development disorders, movement disorders, brain injury rehab, and more. His ultimate pursuit of aiding people in optimizing their physical, mental, and emotional health for the purpose of spiritual well-being has led him to develop content that marries the fields of neuroscience and spirituality into NeuroTheology. 

Carl Lubbe

Carl Lubbe was born and raised in South Africa, and recently celebrated becoming an American citizen. After traveling the United States sharing his gift and love for music, Carl has spent the last decade as a pastor, speaker, and teacher. He comes alive encouraging people to experience what it means to be truly present and in community.

Thrive NeuroTheology on Tap

A good community can be hard to find - especially if you're looking for honest conversation and freedom to ask the burning questions.

Every second Monday of the month, we meet at Grace Midtown on Northside Drive for an open-format discussion around spirituality, neuroscience, personality, and - BEER?

This is a relaxed, open space where you can be free to explore and ask the tough questions. It isn't about solutions. It's about clarity and connection. Functional Neurologist Dr. Jerome Lubbe and Pastor Carl Lubbe will host as we sip beer explore topics such as:

  • Connecting the dots between God and science.
  • Practical applications for self-care
  • What your brain does when it is stressed, burnt out, and anxious (and how to avoid these things).
  • How to help your brain function at optimum levels .
  • What your Enneagram and Myers-Briggs type means for you 
  • And much, much more

The goal of the night is to take the latest insights from the worlds of spirituality and neuroscience and weave them together into practical applications to help you to be the healthiest version of yourself.

We meet every second Monday of each month at Grace Midtown on Northside Drive.

Cover charge is $15, which includes brews. Bring a friend and we’ll see ya there!

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Each Thrive NeuroTheology Workshop is designed to help you engage with a specific topic at the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality - providing you with the insight, resources, and practical applications to help you reach your holistic goals.


Thrive NeuroTheology Seminars are designed to serve those who desire a more in-depth dive into some of the more complex topics in neurotheology. These innovative 1, 2, and 3 day seminars will provide you with experiences uniquely designed to connect you with groundbreaking insight and resources from the world of neurotheology, as well as practical applications for self-care.

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