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"As a professional documentarian on contract with clients such as National Geographic and Animal planet, I have a critical eye for authenticity in video production. Jerome is as real as they come. Simply, you get all of him. He offers every minute of what he’s learned in his professional experience as a doctor and his personal journey as a patient for the betterment of others. I have never met a doctor like him nor do I think I ever will. He made a bridge and connected all the dots that I didn’t know were missing. He has made science practical and obtainable - and easily applicable for my own life. I think about the principles I learned in his e-course daily. The things he teaches are not secrets, they are tools we were all meant to understand. But I’m afraid without people like Dr. Jerome, we would miss this. Only wish I would’ve found him sooner!"

Sean Smith
Professional Documentarian

"I discovered Dr. Jerome Lubbe in layers: first as a friend, next as a doctor, and finally, as a teacher. As a friend, Jerome has a heart of gold, a curious mind, and a self that's continuously giving in service. As a doctor, my family and I have benefited first-hand from his extensive, MacGyver-like wisdom about the ways in which brain and body combine to either coinhere or collapse. And it's as a teacher that I see these personal and vocational aspects of the Good Doctor Lubbe come together in a way that's excitingly good for all of us. Folks, The NeuroTheology of Self-Care course is something to drink in - elegant in its construction and vital in its content, you'll learn - as I have - how to switch our anxious, tired, and overworked brains from continuous fight-or-flight impulses to reliable rest and digest signals. Bringing together his passions and expertise in functional neurology, Biblical storytelling, theology, and a deep understanding of the Enneagram, Dr. Lubbe has put together a self-paced labor of love that moves from 'high concept' to practical application and back again. Please, if you or your loved ones are struggling with stress, anxiety, and burnout, invest in yourselves and take The NeuroTheology of Self-Care - you'll be so glad you did."

Mike Morrell
Collaborating Author, The Divine Dance with Richard Rohr

"Jerome has taught me that the more I learn about myself and understand how I’m wired, the more I can live a healthy, meaningful life - and love others well because of it."

Eryn Eddy
Founder - So Worth Loving

"Without exaggeration, I can say the things I’ve learned from Jerome have saved my life. I run a business that operates at a high capacity, and the techniques I’ve picked up from him have given me a way to focus my thinking and channel my energy towards getting things done. I also struggle with depression. At a severely low time in my life, the insight I gathered from Jerome provided me the tools I needed to pick myself up and move forward. I can’t believe I lived for so long without knowing how my brain operates. The work Jerome is doing is absolutely essential learning for becoming a better human"

Tiffany Berkowitz
Co-Founder - My Story Arc

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