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This online video course will help you understand your brain and optimize your physical, mental, and emotional health for the purpose of spiritual well-being.


"Dr. Lubbe has put together a self-paced labor of love that moves from high concept to practical application and back again."

Mike Morrell, Collaborating Author of The Divine Dance with Richard Rohr

Understand Your Brain

You will understand how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are created and how increased self-awareness is your most powerful resource on the path toward greater health and happiness.

Your Personal Action Plan

You will learn about your brain in action. Not only will you understand the structure and function of your brain, you will also create a unique and personalized action plan for promoting your own self-care

Change Your Brain

You will be equipped with clinically proven brain-based practices you can apply in your everyday life to decrease stress, increase your self-awareness, and optimize your brain function.

Ready to Change Your Brain?

What You Will Save

One clinical hour with Dr. Jerome is $400. The NeuroTheology of Self-Care provides 6.5 hours with Dr. Jerome with a total value of $2,600. We're offering this course for $497. By enrolling now you will save a grand total of $2,103!

What You Will Receive

6.5 Hours of Video Content

19 Illustrated Sketch Notes

19 Printable PDF Worksheets

Extended Learning Resources


Do you want to know how your brain works?
Are you ready to improve every single area of your life?


"Jerome has taught me that the more I learn about myself and understand how I’m wired, the more I can live a healthy, meaningful life - and love others well because of it."

Eryn Eddy
Founder - So Worth Loving

"The things I’ve learned from Dr. Jerome have (literally) saved my life. I run a business that operates at a high capacity, and the techniques I’ve picked up from him have given me a way to focus my thinking and channel my energy towards getting things done. I also struggle with depression. At a severely low time in my life, the insight I gathered from Jerome provided me the tools I needed to pick myself up and move forward. I can’t believe I lived for so long without knowing how my brain operates. The work Jerome is doing is absolutely essential learning for becoming a better human"

Tiffany Berkowitz
Founder & CEO - StoryArc

"As a documentarian on contract with National Geographic and Animal planet, I have a critical eye for authenticity in video production. Jerome is as real as they come. Simply, you get all of him. He offers every minute of what he’s learned in his professional experience as a doctor and his personal journey as a patient for the betterment of others. I have never met a doctor like him nor do I think I ever will. He made a bridge and connected all the dots that I didn’t know were missing. He makes science practical, obtainable, and easily applicable in my own life. I think about the principles I learned in his e-course daily. The things he teaches are not secrets, they are tools we were all meant to understand. I’m afraid without people like Dr. Jerome, we would miss this. Only wish I would’ve found him sooner!"

Sean Smith
Professional Documentarian

"Folks, The NeuroTheology of Self-Care course is something to drink in. Elegant in its construction and vital in its content, you'll learn (as I have) how to switch our anxious, tired, and overworked brains from continuous fight-or-flight impulses to reliable rest and digest signals. Bringing together his passions and expertise in functional neurology, Biblical storytelling, theology, and a deep understanding of the Enneagram, Dr. Lubbe has put together a self-paced labor of love that moves from 'high concept' to practical application and back again. Please, if you or your loved ones are struggling with stress, anxiety, and burnout, invest in yourselves and take The NeuroTheology of Self-Care. You'll be so glad you did."

Mike Morrell
Collaborating Author, The Divine Dance with Richard Rohr

If This is You...

You want to be a happier, healthier, more successful person. You know you are capable of so much more, but you don’t know how to improve yourself
(and self-help isn't helping).

You Should Know...

By optimizing your brain function, you can improve everything in your life. (Did you know that?) Brain health = Overall health. This course will teach you how your brain works and how best to care for it.

This Course is for YOU

By implementing the practices I teach in this online course, you can become healthier, more productive, more self-aware, and more successful in your relationships, career, and life. 

Video #1: Bears and Deadlines

Video #2: Your Whole Brain

Video #3: The Science of Hope

Video #4: Human Being Inc.

What This Course Covers

Did you know your brain responds with the same anxiety to a deadline as it does to a bear chasing you through the woods? In this video, I will explain the anatomy of the brainstem and use the analogy of "the bear and the deadline" to provide an understanding of how your subconscious brain works.

A common myth is that if you are creative, you are "right brained" and if you are analytical you are "left brained". But it's just that. A myth. You are not simply right brained or left brained. You have a whole brain. Here, I explain the anatomy of the right and left brain and provide an understanding of how your whole brain integrates to function together.

In the first two videos, I provide insight into the anatomy of your brain. But why is this essential knowledge? Why should you care? This video answers that question and provides practical ways for you to apply your newfound knowledge of the function of your brain into your everyday life.

In this video, I provide a visual illustration of the anatomy of your brain. I teach this by using an example of the infrastructure of a company, what I call “Human Being Inc.”, to help you gain a better understanding of the function of your brain.

It's a good question. In this video, I provide a high-level view of the discipline of functional neurology. Functional neurology tells us that we DO have the capacity to change the way our brain functions. I'm going to teach you how.

Did you know that hope can rewire your brain? Literally. In this video, I expand on the conversation around neuroplasticity, and explain how hope is a tangible, measurable experience that happens in the brain and can impact the way we think, feel, and experience reality.

You can’t arrive at a destination without first knowing where you are. I present four key questions to help you draw a neurological roadmap of where you currently are on your journey, how you can course-correct if you've gone off-path, how to navigate towards where you want to go, and what it will take to get you there.

Understanding how your brain functions can give you insight into who you are; personally and within your social sphere. You can use this understanding to develop proven strategies to better care for yourself and your communities.

I share a diagram I've created in order to present a 30,000 foot view of how neurotheology, neuroanatomy, and neuropsychology intersect in my brain-based model of the Enneagram.

What is your number?” is the most common question associated with the Enneagram. But in this video, I propose that you are not one number. You are all of them. I overlay the character of the trinity, the function of the brain, and what we know about the Enneagram to draft a holistic picture of who you are as a physical, spiritual, and intellectual human being.

Do faith and science have to be mutually exclusive? Or can they work together to give us a better understanding of our human experience? In this video, I present a framework for seeing science and faith as complementary friends, not binary enemies.

Simply put, your brain doesn’t know the difference between perception and reality. In this video, I will show you how to help your brain understand that You. Are. Okay. and how to manage stressors well instead of reacting out of a fear response. 

What does neuroscience say about the idea of love? Actually, it says a lot. In this lesson, you'll learn how mirror neurons and brain development have everything to do with how you experience and express love.

In the age of the smartphone, we’ve just about lost the art of boredom. But did you know boredom is actually essential for developing your brain and fostering a healthy imagination? In this lesson, we'll have a conversation around how to get back to the benefits of boredom in an over-stimulated society.

How do we engage in healthy relationship with pain and suffering? Here, I define the difference between the two and teach how you can use what we know about the brain to better manage your pain and suffering, as they are inevitable experiences we all have. 

Faith is often seen as a mystical practice, and in some ways, it is. But there are also scientific truths about faith. Faith is the “substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen.” In this video, I address the question: “What is faith, really?" and explore how we can understand faith through the lens of functional neurology.

All major religions are driven by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Or, as Jesus puts it, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. What does God have to say about it, and what is science showing us?

From a neurological perspective, I'm going to dispel some of the biggest myths you've been told about faith, health, your capacity to change your brain, and so much more. The first step towards growth is an accurate understanding of what's possible.  

Up to this point, we’ve had a ton of surprising conversations around the intersection of neuroscience and theology. Now it’s time to learn what you can do to promote self-care and health through six practical applications for your day-to-day lives.

In this video, I equip you with practical neuropsychological tools you can use to manage discomfort and pain and bounce back from setbacks and discouragement.

In this final lesson, I provide a practical method for navigating life through a positive, pragmatic framework I call “Hopeful, Grateful, Learning”. I will teach you how to use what you've learned about the function of your brain in order to optimize your health and life.

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NeuroTheology is the study of the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality. Thrive NeuroTheology specializes in creating practical applications for the purpose of fostering increased self-awareness and self-care.

The more we understand about how we are wired, the better we are able to function in our daily lives. This is the essence and purpose of Thrive NeuroTheology.

The NeuroTheology of Self-Care will not only show you how your brain functions, but will also help you apply that knowledge in your every day life. Self-care is the lifelong pursuit of becoming the healthiest version of yourself. In order to do that you need to be informed and equipped. It is not enough to understand. You also need to have self-awareness, practical applications, and resources that will help you be your best self. That's what we offer.

Absolutely not! I've spent twenty years as both a patient and a participant in the scientific, clinical, and spiritual communities. I've distilled my experience, training, and education into relatable conversations. This course is designed to be helpful for anyone wanting to be a healthier version of themselves. From the contemplative to the seeker, the academic to the scientist, the believer to the skeptic...this content will resonate with YOU where you are right now. The bottom line is this: You have a mind, a body, and a soul. This course explores each aspect of your basic human experience through physical, mental, and emotional health. I truly believe these are topics that matter to every human being on the planet. I believe they matter to you

Please move through this course at whatever pace is best for you. Learning about the development and function of your brain is attainable, but it is still a very complex subject. Go easy on yourself, take time to absorb the information, and build long-lasting, healthy practices around implementation and self-care. I recommend taking several months to go through the content in your first pass, and then come back to it again and again as you need to! 

Yes! Once you purchase the course, contact me and let me know the name and email of the person you’d like to share it with. I'll send the link to them so they can access it from wherever they are.

Yes! You can purchase the course for 9 payments of $57. I believe this material can improve every aspect of your life, so I want to make sure it's 100% accessible to you.

You will receive an email with a link to your course access. All of the videos, PDFs, and additional resources will be ready and waiting for you! If you don’t get your link, let me know and I'll make sure you’re taken care of.

As long as you want. Once the course is yours, it’s yours forever.

I believe in the power of this material so much that I am offering a 15-day 100% money back guarantee. 

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe

Every day I wake up, I am both the patient and the doctor, the believer and the doubter.

Being a functional neurologist has shown me that the healing we once thought impossible is actually possible. Neuroplasticity tells us we are capable of change. If we understand the function of the brain, we can improve our way of life.

As a clinician, I desire nothing more than to ease the pain of those I encounter, educate the families I serve, and connect the dots between unanswered questions and solutions. After years of seeing patients improve speech, mobility, and brain function in the face of "impossible" odds, I know we have good reason for hope. I'm excited to offer it as a resource for all.

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